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Dev Engineers
Manufacturer, exporters and supplier of Industrial & Chemical pumps and its spares.
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Internal Gear Pumps
Top By-Pass Internal Gears
Side By-pass Top By-pass Internal Gears
Internal Gear Pumps Internal Gear Pumps Internal Gear Pumps Internal Gear Pumps
KD-Series KAS-Series KAJ-Series KE-Series
Design Features :  
The “ DEVPUMPS “/ “ DEV “ DFIG / KFIG -Series bracket mounted positive displacement Fuel Injection Internal Gear Pumps are specially design for fuel pressurizing or oil firing applications in Boilers, Burners, Heating Systems etc. Above pumps are self priming internal gear type design available with or without built-in pressure relief valve and external by pass arrangement. Shaft sealing is by Mechanical Seal for leak free operation.


The DFIG / KFIG series Fuel Injection Internal Gear Pumps are ideal for pumping all types Fuel Oils like LDO, FO, Diesel, Kerosene, HSD, LSHS for fuel pressurizing or firing application in Boilers, Oil Burner, Blower, Heating Pumping Systems, Thermic Fluid Heater etc. The pumps are also used in force feed lubrication system, as booster pump for diesel locomotive, Filter Pumping , Hydraulic drive etc. Above pumps are also used at Fuel Pump station for dosing or mixing of Fuel Additives, Ethanol in Diesel, Petrol as online.

Capacity in LPH

30 , 60, 90, 120, 150, 300, 450, 600, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4500, 6000 Liters per Hour


up to 30 Kg / Cm2


¼”,  ½” , ¾”, 1” BSP Screw End Suction , Delivery and Bypass

Direction                Clock / Anti-Clock Wise Direction from shaft end

Internal , External Side or Top

Pump Speed

1440rpm , 2900rpm

Cross DSIG
DSIG 10 DSIG 40 Cross DSIG
The “ DEVPUMPS ” / “ DEV ” ‘s DSIG series are totally new pumping concept resulting in exceptionally reliable, economy & simple design. Advanced technology ensures accuracies in dimensions, interchangeability, pump characteristics and at the same time the cost of end product is considerably reduced than conventional pumps.
Design Features : Go to Top
In DSIG series, there are only two pumping elements in latest internal gearing cum lobe principle. The flow of liquid is axial through the elements. This results in unmatched suction characteristics that are impossible in double helical external gear pumps. Also there is only one shaft well supported at both ends of rotor for smooth, Silent, vibration-free running and eliminating bearing problems normally found in conventional gear pumps. Consequently, series DSIG series pump has a very low noise level. This series needs practically no maintenance and has much longer service life than other types.


The following advantages for DSIG Series Internal Gear Pump

  1. Single short shaft well supported by two self-lubricating bearings ensure high speed operation and vibration free running resulting in practically maintenance free pump with long service life.
  2. Unique pumping principle contributes to exceptionally high suction lifts and low noise level.
  3. Precision machined components guarantee high volumetric efficiency and overall efficiency.
  4. Internal gearing principle with axial flow ensures pulsation free continuous flow.
  5. Compact and lightweight design eliminates elaborate foundations.
  6. Single shaft design permits pump dismantling and without removing pump from base or disconnecting pipes. Pump can be serviced in place (Not possible in double helical gear pumps).
Application Go to Top

This DSIG series of Internal Gear pumps has been designed to handle fuel and lubricating oils as well as other fluids with similar properties. These pumps are therefore ideally suited for following typical applications:

  • Transfer of lubricating oils when emptying barrels and tanks.
  • Pressure lubrication and cooling of bearings, oil circulation through cooler, gear lubrications etc.
  • Transfer of fuel oils to daily service tanks, preheating, circulation etc.r lubrications etc.
  • Transfer of fuel oils to daily service tanks, preheating, circulation etc.
  • Boosting of fuel oil pressure for oil burner service and fuel injection pumps.
  • Unidirectional flow design for reversing shaft duties as in machine tools, gear boxes and crane duties
Technical Data
Capacity Range

01, 2.5, 10, 15, 20, 40, 80, 125, 150, 175 Liters per Minute  @ 1440rpm50, 300, 450, 600, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4500, 6000 Liters per Hour


Max. 8.0 Kg/Cm2


¼”, ½” , 1” & 1½” BSP Screw End Suction & Delivery

Direction                Anti-Clock Wise Direction from shaft end
By-pass / PRV       

Internal / In-built Pressure Relief Valve

Pump Speed


MOC      Std. C.I.