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Dev Engineers
Manufacturer, exporters and supplier of Industrial & Chemical pumps and its spares.
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Centrifugal Non Metalic (PP / UHMWPE / PVDF Pump)
Poly Propylene / PVDF Centrifgual Pumps
DE-PP-50-55-40 DE-PP-100 DE-PP-120 DE-PP-130


DE-PP-100 DE-PP-120 DE-PP-130
DE-PP-160 DE-PP-500 PP Monoblock PVDF


DE-PP-500 PP Monoblock PVDF
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PP / PVDF -series pumps are specially design for highly corrosive chemicals in which metal pumps are not recommended or in its cost is higher. The PP- series pumps design are single piece molded polypropylene volute casing  with semi-open impeller and casing cover to ensure a smooth running performance against corrosion. The high allumina ceramic sleeve protects shaft to any corrosion and abrasion. The GFT or Sic Vs. Ceramic PTFE below Mechanical seal prevents the leakage from the pumps. The Cast Iron heavy duty oil lubricated bearing housing provide maximum strength to pump. The pumps are also available in Mon-block version with compact design. The PVDF series pump thick walled casing liner & back plate is made of PVDF. A large metal insert in PVDF impeller increased mechanical strength.

The PP Series Polypropylene Pumps are also available in monoblock version with compact design.

For handling highly corrosive acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, effluent, slurries, and other chemicals like; HCL –33%, Dilute H2so4, Caustic solutions ( NaOH ), HF, H3PO4, HN03, Alum, NaoCl, Feso4, CusO4, FeCl3 etc. The pumps are also used in scrubbing of corrosive gases like Cl2, Br2, F2, I2, So2, So3, Co2 etc. as scrubber pump in various chemical industries, in Pickling process in Steel Rolling Mills, Acid circulation in electro plating industries, decaling in boilers, heat exchangers etc.
Capacity : up to 100 m3/hr
Head : up to 45 meters
Temperature Max. Temp. up to 70* C for PP MOC and 150* C for PVDF MOC
Pump Speed : 1440rpm , 2900 rpm
Polyprpylene Vertical Gland Less Pump
PP Glandless PP Glandless
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PP-V- series Vertical Glandless Pumps are specially design to remove the problems arising from the use of Mechanical Seals, Stuffing Box Gland , Internal Bearings and Dry running in all types Centrifugal Process Pumps. The pumps is similar design to any conventional centrifugal pump. It differs in so far as , it is always mounted in the vertical position. A restriction is provided above the impeller and the need for any form of liquid seal is obviated by allowing a small leakage to escape by way of an overflow connection in the upper pump body and return to the suction vessel. The Volute Casing & Impeller are made from UHMWPE and also the over flow Casing Cover is made from UHMWPE materials to give max. high strength to pump. The Pump is supported by CI mounted bracket with SS Bolts & Nuts.
For handling highly corrosive & abrasive acids, alkalis like H3PO4, H2SO4, HF, ZnSO4, Na2SO4, HCL, NaoH, etc. in Phosphoric Acid plants, Gas Washing Plants, Rayon Plants, Caustic Soda Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants etc.
Capacity : up to 100 m3/hr
Head : up to 45 meters
Temperature Max. up to 120* C
Pump Speed : 1440rpm , 2900 rpm
Seal Less Magnetic Drive Polypropylne PVDF Pumps
PMD-30 PMD-50 With Flame Proof Motor


PMD-50 With Flame Proof Motor
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All PMD -series Seal Less Magnet Driven Centrifugal Pumps utilize an innovative dual magnet concept to drive the impeller. The radial gap coupling is composed of outer and inner permanent ceramic magnets, with the outer drive magnet affixed to the motor shaft and the inner driven magnet affixed to the pump impeller. The torque created by the two concentrate magnets is transmitted through a static seal comprising a non-magnetic corrosion resistant magnet housing. Casing, Casing Cover and Impeller are made from Glass field Polypropylene or PVDF.
Ideal for transfer highly corrosive chemicals, acids, dyes, solvents, toxic & fuming liquids, DM water, Mineral Water etc. in Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Food, Electroplating Industries. Also used in Laboratory & Medial Equipments, X-Ray Film Plants, Photo Processing, PCB manufacturers, Liquid dispensing machine and fountains etc.
Capacity : Up to 300 LPM
Head : Up to 20 meters
Temperature Max. 80* C for PP MOC , Max.120* C for PVDF MOC
Electric Motor : Single Phase/ Three Phase